• Is Cleaning Scrubbing Away Your Free Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Does it seem like finding free time just keeps getting harder? The work you put into cleaning your house could be to blame. The majority of Americans spend over four hours per week cleaning up their home, and over time, that adds up to a huge loss of time that could be spent doing something you love. One way to reclaim your well-deserved downtime is to consider using housecleaning services. A cleaning service can take over both the mundane tasks that fill up your schedule—like vacuuming and dusting—as well as the deep-cleaning tasks you never seem to get around to, like washing your windows and baseboards. In this infographic, Maid Aide , a company that provides home cleaning services in Novi, examines the cost of cleaning to your schedule and explains how residential cleaning services can help. Share this information with your fellow homeowners to help everyone reclaim a little bit of their own free time.

    Is Cleaning Scrubbing Away Your Free Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

  • Keeping a Clean Home with Pets

    Who says you can’t keep a clean home when you have pets? Our furry friends may be notorious for leaving stains and odors throughout the home, but regular cleaning can easily remove the particles that leave these unpleasant and unwanted marks and smells.

    Watch this video to see which simple cleaning tips can help you keep your home smelling fresh even when you have pets. Keep white vinegar, wipes, towels, a vacuum, and a dust mop around so you can easily pick up at the end of each day. If you allow your pets on the couch, place a throw blanket on top that can be removed and washed regularly.

    If you have a hard time keeping up with these chores, consider hiring a maid service serving Novi . These experts can help you keep your home clean and fresh!

  • Reasons to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service

    Cleaning services aren’t just for the home; they are also excellent for the office! You can keep your workplace clean and boost productivity with help from a commercial cleaning service in Novi . Consider hiring office cleaners to accomplish these goals:

    Reasons to Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service

    Keeping the Office Clean and Safe

    Every company needs to provide a clean and safe working environment for their employees. The only way to provide this environment is to keep up with regular cleaning responsibilities such as vacuuming, dusting, and mopping. Hiring a commercial cleaning service makes it easier for your company to keep up with these responsibilities. These professionals can get rid of dirt and particles that collect around the office, leaving a clean workspace for all employees. By cleaning regularly, your commercial cleaners will also help you keep a safer environment.

    Allowing Employees to Focus on Work

    Some companies try to keep up with cleaning responsibilities by assigning chores to employees. This system means employees take time away from work to clean; often meaning both jobs are left incomplete. Cleaning is a full-time responsibility, which is why it is best to leave it to the professionals! Office cleaners can come to your workspace and take care of all cleaning needs after your employees leave for the day. This service will give employees the opportunity to fully focus on work instead of worrying about keeping the space clean.

    Maintaining a Professional Image

    Professionalism is essential for making a good first impression on potential customers. Cleanliness is an important part of a professional image. If you want customers to feel safe, comfortable, and confident in your business, you must make sure your office is clean at all times! Customers who see a dark or dusty space might want to turn around and to your competitor immediately. Commercial cleaners take a professional approach to cleaning your office, ensuring a clean and professional looking space that is sure to impress current customers as well as future ones.