• Is Cleaning Scrubbing Away Your Free Time [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Does it seem like finding free time just keeps getting harder? The work you put into cleaning your house could be to blame. The majority of Americans spend over four hours per week cleaning up their home, and over time, that adds up to a huge loss of time that could be spent doing something you love. One way to reclaim your well-deserved downtime is to consider using housecleaning services. A cleaning service can take over both the mundane tasks that fill up your schedule—like vacuuming and dusting—as well as the deep-cleaning tasks you never seem to get around to, like washing your windows and baseboards. In this infographic, Maid Aide , a company that provides home cleaning services in Novi, examines the cost of cleaning to your schedule and explains how residential cleaning services can help. Share this information with your fellow homeowners to help everyone reclaim a little bit of their own free time.

    Is Cleaning Scrubbing Away Your Free Time [INFOGRAPHIC]